About The Works Partnership

The Works Partnership is a leading provider of high-impact experiential interventions and consulting services to businesses and governmental agencies worldwide. We assist our clients to maximise the potential of their people so that they deliver outstanding results.

TWP has worked in partnership with over 300 leading organisations and over 100,000 people to further personal and organisational growth via the development of self-awareness, commitment, responsibility, leadership and team development. With offices in Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Mumbai and Jakarta, and consultants, coaches and trainers located throughout the world, TWP offers services in the areas of Leadership Development, Change Leadership, Performance Coaching, Personal Effectiveness and Team Development on a global basis.

The goal of TWP interventions is to enable people to create transformational change within their organisation, and trigger breakthroughs to new levels of effectiveness for individuals and teams. We offer on-going support in applying, sustaining and further developing people in a systematic manner over a period of time necessary to sustain new, more effective behavioural and attitudinal habits.

We believe that it is only possible for a business to grow if its' employees are also growing.

Using an experiential process which begins with self-awareness and moves to honesty, trust, openness, commitment and responsibility, TWP interventions challenge unproductive behaviour, build genuine commitment to an organisation's vision and goals and create more effective leaders by challenging people to take responsibility for their organisation's results, to communicate authentically, to work in a cooperative spirit of partnership, and to have the courage to take appropriate risks.

We are dedicated to the excellence of individuals, companies and communities.