What Differentiates TWP from Other Partners?

“The world we have made, as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far, creates problems we cannot solve at the same level of thinking at which we created them.”
- Albert Einstein

TWP are different. Clients approach TWP almost exclusively through referral, as a result of someone having experienced profound change through attending one of our interventions. Clients come to us when they see that, in order to hit their goals, their current way of working will not suffice. They therefore need to think different, be different and importantly invest in different kinds of consulting, training and coaching.

TWP clients are those that realise that traditional forms of leadership education are not getting them where they want to go. TWP clients are part of a world that realises that the rational approach of science and logic does not provide the answer to their human challenges in the workplace. What is rather required instead is a mixture of science with skill, and even art, in the human coaching domain.

The basic foundation of the TWP approach is a belief that in order to really change behaviour, it makes no sense to focus on behaviour, in the first instance. If there is a sincere desire to change behaviour, then we need to look at the level beneath behaviour – and ask why it is that the current behaviour occurs, both at an individual level and a contextual (cultural) level.

Behaviour is not random. Behaviour is determined by at least two major forces. The first occurs because of the beliefs (habitual ways of thinking often developed at a much earlier time) held by the person in question, beliefs about themselves, other people and, ultimately, the world. The tricky thing about these beliefs is that they are so habitual or automatic that they disappear from the view of the person holding them – they become transparent.

The second major force is the context within which an individual or team operates. Often referred to as “culture” in the corporate world, the context in ANY situation determines the content that will be permitted to exist. Certain behaviour and ways of working fit a certain context but just like a fish in water, which has no awareness of a thing we call water, leaders cannot see the context or the forces around them. As a result, they try to change results through behaviour and processes but then are frustrated that unseen forces return them to the status quo. Another leadership intervention has failed.

Working with TWP is an exercise in being willing to have the courage to have a look in the mirror and challenge your habitual beliefs, attitudes and points of view.