Our Work

At TWP, we're committed to the philosophy that adults learn best when they're fully engaged, intellectually, emotionally, and physically. That is why our work is experiential-learning by doing.

In all our interventions, the TWP consultant works in such a way as to have the person, or people with whom they are working, actively participate in a manner that calls for open communication, honesty, risk-taking, trust, cooperation, teamwork, and leadership. It is a process of discovery, where the goal of the TWP consultant is to simultaneously raise the awareness and responsibility of the person or people with whom they are working.

We work with you to closely assess your current situation, create a detailed plan of action, including objectives, outcomes and bottom-line results. All of our interventions are custom-designed to meet your specific needs, and are focused on bringing out the best in everyone so that they can produce the results you need.

At TWP, we know that individual and organizational transformation does not happen overnight. Through a close, collaborative process, we offer the opportunity to change ingrained habits, encourage innovative thinking and rekindle a spirit of excitement and energy amongst the people with whom we work.

We are confident, based on our long experience with major corporations and nonprofit organisations worldwide, that we can assist you in taking your people and your organisation where you want them to go.

The Works Partnership is bringing Tension Release Exercises to Asia.